Kindred Spirit: Someone With The Same Attitudes As Oneself

kindred spirit

Most of you are reading this topic for the first time. After reading this blog, I hope you will understand completely the term Kindred Spirit.

What is the Kindred Spirit?

A kindred spirit is someone whom the very first moment you meet, you have a feeling that they understand everything about you, and you understand them. It’s like when you meet someone new and your soul instantaneously recognizes a piece of yourself deep with the other, and immediately you both feel safe and authentic, that is a soul connection. It’s the purest connection and you feel positive vibes and their company seems to be perfect for you. Regardless of your hobbies, interests and passions, they are the one who makes you feel that you are not alone. Don’t confuse Kindred Spirits with Best Friends Or Lovers. Kindred Spirits are different and the most beautiful soul relation, which I have experienced. The length of this relationship has nothing to do with how much of a kindred spirit you can be with someone. It’s about the innate connection. You only met someone once in person or online, but they just ‘got’ you at that moment. “The important reason why you feel safe with your Kindred spirit is that feeling of being understood and accepted by each other, alongside the awareness of shared interests and passions.” The best part of having a Kindred Spirit in your life is you never run out of topics or feel bored with them. There is a Unique Energy Between Kindred Spirits, it is strong and positive.

Don’t confuse kindred spirits with lifelong friends. Some kindred spirits enter our lives for even just a moment, or a single period for teaching us important lessons of our life.

So if you think you might have a kindred spirit in someone in your life, here are 10 ways I’ve experienced and I believe you might be able to tell if someone is your kindred spirit.

1. Need of each other: That person might be your kindred spirit who can just know when one of their kindred spirits is in desperate need of help. They feel concerned about you, they know when you need them to text or call you. There might be moments where you will feel that no one in the world cares about you or your problems. In such moments, your kindred spirit will feel that they are needed and come rushing to your aid.

2. Grow and Learn From Each Other: The purest connections are those which help you to grow in every possible manner, whether it be professionally or personally. When you are facing problems, your kindred spirit tries to solve them for you or guides you. It’s always a two-way relationship as your kindred spirit also grows individually i.e they release their unhealthy attachments and understand their Self-worth. Thus, detoxifying themselves and us too. A kindred spirit is never afraid of telling truths, especially when it is about teaching you a vital lesson. A kindred spirit shows you the mirror and stands by your side when you face the bitter reality.

3. Make you move forward: If you find yourself struggling to move forward, your Kindred Spirit is there to give that boost you need. They understand exactly where you’re coming from, probably because they’ve experienced similar situations. So they know the best way to help and to get you to where you want to be.

4. Similar Principles in life: While you and your friends may have general agreements and disagreements on certain issues, your kindred spirit will generally understand the world the same way that you do.

5. Make each other feel complete: You and your kindred spirit are like two close pieces of a puzzle. You both make each other more whole. Your interests, skills, and passions may not be exactly the same, but they find ways to complement each other. Your kindred spirit is someone with whom you can easily go out with and have a great time, or someone you can start a business and find immense success. You guys will fit each other in more ways than one.

6. Understanding Beyond the Need for Words: It’s almost like you understand exactly what, how and why the other one is having specific thoughts or feelings. It’s a special connection that can’t be put into words. And this is the same in different social situations and circumstances. It’s like you know your kindred spirit’s uncomfortable before they know they are themselves!

7. Mutual Respect: No good relationship can exist without giving respect to each other. No matter what you say, your kindred spirit will understand and give you the respect you deserve. Both of you know that support and encouragement are what the other person needs, which is why you will never be quick to judge your kindred spirit.

8. Have each other’s back: It doesn’t matter what’s happening and why it happened, you always support each other. Everyone goes through sufferings that are hard to overcome, but you both make sure that you don’t have to do it alone. You provide solutions, support and unconditional love that’s impossible to break.

9. Boost each other: There are parts of you that you’ve always known as your weaknesses. But sometimes you will find that your kindred spirit is good at those things and may even help you in strengthening and overcoming your weaknesses too. They’re cooler than the cucumber even in tense situations! Likewise, your energy and passion are something that ignites them and gets them going. You complement each other perfectly.

10. Long for one another: The connection to your kindred spirit will find you longing for them. Kindred spirits have a special connection and link that others don’t feel and can’t always understand. You may find yourself feeling alone in a room full of people when your kindred spirit is not there. Even if everyone around you makes you happy, you’ll not feel whole again until your kindred spirit is near you again.

Life becomes better because you are together. Even when apart, you’ll know that your lives are connected and that you are better for it. Their mood has a direct impact on your mood. You can tell their mood by seeing their messages. Everything seems to be easy when you are linked to someone spiritually. When you are connected to someone that is your kindred spirit, you’ll carry them with you. You’ll feel something you’ve never felt before and even though it might be scary and difficult to process, you need to pay attention to it. It is the purest connection, I’ve ever felt in my life. You feel positive vibes ❤️and enjoy each other’s company a lot. It is the relationship that you can’t hear a word against them, You always defend them. You always find a reason behind their actions while everyone else judges them on their actions. People who haven’t experienced it will never understand your relationship. They motivate and guide you to do something great for yourself. The true kindred spirits help to find good and better for each other.

Yes, I believe in Kindred Spirits because I’ve got one. My Kindred Spirit is the one who discovers that I have got the ability to write and motivates me to write. Today I’m writing blogs just because of my Kindred Spirit. What I feel is even identical twins may think differently, but kindred spirits are ones who almost always think the same and speak the same even when they are not in front of each other. You’ll have a great impact on each other’s lives, and will undoubtedly change each other for the better. Having a person with whom you can open up without being judged is very rare. They hadn’t known each other for very long but had that kind of bond immediately. I feel so blessed because I got my kindred spirit. I hope you will get yours soon and If you’ve already got your Kindred Spirit. Please, Lemme, know in the comment box.

Thank you




Be easy on is the richest collection of blogs. Here you find all the concepts of life explained briefly and in a comprehending way. Life is easy.

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Be easy on is the richest collection of blogs. Here you find all the concepts of life explained briefly and in a comprehending way. Life is easy.

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